Include is a non-governmental, not
for profit organization, registered at the Lebanese Ministry of Interior under
number 11527

“Include” has been created by mothers and
friends of persons with disabilities along with care professionals.

They have
all realized the need for inclusion in our society, the need for removing the
social and physical barriers among persons with all needs.

Include aims to promote inclusion of
people with special needs through:

  •  inclusion in sport and recreation through the
    creation of suitable leisure centers and activities

  • employability through the development of
    vocational training and jobs open to disability by establishing a support
    network for parents and teachers

  •  the development of an accessible environment by
    adapting infrastructures

  • inclusive education through the development of
    adapted teaching methods

Board Members

  • President

Michèle Kosremelli Asmar, MHA, PhD

Maitre de Conférence

Coordinatrice MBAIP-option santé


  • Vice President

Claire G. Zablit

Professeur en sciences infirmières

Directrice du Centre universitaire de santé
familiale et communautaire

  • Secretary

Nadine Yazbeck, M.D.

Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition

Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

American University of Beirut Medical Center

  • Treasurer

Dounia N. Ghannam


Lecturer Lebanese University Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

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Al Mawarid Bank sal

Main Branch

Abdel Aziz Street- Hamra- Beirut

Account Name : Include

Account Number : 270770

IBAN: LB61 0101 0000 0000 0012 7077 0001

Swift Code : MABALBBE

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